Special Education Software


Student Data Smart
Our core product, Student Data Smart, is designed to track special education students attending your programs. It provides the functionality necessary to enable billing to your studentsí home school districts, plus numerous reports and inquiries to allow administrators and teachers to monitor and control student activities.

Student Data Smart has been redesigned to make special education student data management easier and more intuitive. Our full featured Windows compliant version is now available. It's more powerful, easier to use and contains features and functions that our special education users asked for. We've created a robust application that contains new tools to facilitate data entry, access and export to allow you to find and focus on the student data you need to manage.

Key Features

Our Attendance add-in module is provided so that you can comply with the education department regulations regarding pupil attendance recordkeeping. This module works in conjunction with the demographic and other core data elements captured for the student with additional functionality for tracking student attendance. Using this module you will be able to produce the necessary registers and notifications required.

Features and Reports

State Tests
Another one of our add-in modules, state tests provide you with the resources necessary to manage special requirements for state testing that occur within your student body.

Features and Reports