Student Data Smart Reports

Each report can be filtered and sorted based on parameters input by the user. Reports can be displayed on screen, printed or saved to a disk file. There are over 25 delivered reports including:

Detailed Billing Report
*Student Profile
*Students Attending Multiple Programs
*Student Referrals
*Annual Review Due by District
*Annual Review Due by Resource Supervisor
*Annual Review Notices
*Medicaid Data Collection
*Disability Summary

*Projected Enrollments
*Enrollments by District
*Current Year Enrollments by County
*Class Enrollments
*Related Service by Special Ed Class
*Related Service Waiting
*Scheduled Related Services
*Related Services by Date and Type

Class Enrollment by District
Therapy Students by District
*Therapy by Therapist
*Therapy by Assistant Therapist
*1 to 1 Teaching Assistants
*Monthly Attendance
*Student Alpha List
*Student Alpha List by Age
*District List
*Vocational and Work Study

*SA-156 Part I by COSER
*SA-156 Part I Summary
*SA-156 Student Detail

PD4A Data