Student Data Smart Key Features

Now its even easier to get answers to the most commonly asked questions about your special education student population: Who are they? What programs are they enrolled in? What staff is committed to them? What are their attendance patterns? How much can you bill for them?

The flexible design allows you to define the values you want to use for your environment through a series of reference tables. Once established, you can use quick lookups to facilitate data entry.

*Handicapping conditions
*Medical Alerts
*Medicaid eligibility and Medicaid #
*Alternate testing requirements
*Ethnic background and sex
*Birth date
*Type of lunch
*Referral events tracking
*Multiple address and telephone references
*County of residence
*Diploma Status
*Vocational recommendations and follow-up

*Case manager/teacher
*Class schedules
*Related services scheduled

Important dates
*Annual review due dates
*IEP dates
*Medicaid forms received

Staff Information
*Identify staff personnel by function
*Identify staff supervisors
*Identify up to three assistants for each staff member
*Associate staff to the related services they provide

Classes and related services tracking
*Multiple classes per student
*Multiple related services per student
*Multiple class locations
*Full and part time student enrollment
*Start and end dates for classes and services by student
*Differentiate between academic and vocational class types

Tuition Rates and Programming Options
*Enter as many tuition rates as needed
*Annual tuition rates are established for classes
*Establish session rates for related services
*Capture minutes per session
*Allows bundling of related services into tuition rates where necessary
*Identify COSER and billing extension codes
*Record net cost for high cost amendments

School Calendars
*Auto-generate calendars to save time
*Create calendars for both regular school sessions and summer sessions
*Store both state mandated number of weeks in a month versus actual weeks

Report Flexibility
*Use pre-defined report headers or create your own
*Report printing options allow you to print all or selected data
*Print summary or detail reports
*Database design allows for ad hoc queries and reports
*Review reports online prior to printing